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Dark Stars
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A word from C. S. Quinn

Truth is stranger than fiction. One of the below events is fictional. Can you guess which?

  1. The Dutch tried to invade England in 1666, getting as far as Chatham, where they stole the Royal Charles, England's flagship man-of-war.
  2. Barbara Castlemaine engaged a seductive warfare on Frances Stewart, including a theatrical same-sex wedding.
  3. London streets were still smoking several months after the Great Fire.
  4. Longitude experiments included using an injured dog and sympathetic magic to tell the time.
  5. An image of Frances Stewart as Britannia now adorns the English fifty-pence piece.

Answer correctly to unlock a free secret history of Dark Stars. You’ll discover more about Barbara Castlemaine’s shocking sexual proclivities, the truth about Frances Stewart’s marriage and the Dutch attack on London.

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‘Superb narrative pace. London is brilliantly evoked.’
The Bookseller
‘Captivating, vivid writing. A truly electrifying pace.’
Peter James
‘I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed it.’
The Sentence Crafter
‘Excellent pacing and dialogue... a heady chase for a serial killer’
The Historical Novel Society