1665. Year of the Black Death. A killer stalks the streets in a plague doctor’s mask…

When a girl is gruesomely murdered, thief-taker Charlie Tuesday reluctantly agrees to take the case. But the horrific remains tell him this is no isolated death. The killer’s mad appetites are part of a master plan that could destroy London – and reveal the dark secrets of Charlie’s own past.

Now the Thief Taker must find this murderous mastermind before plague obliterates the evidence street by street. The terrifying pursuit will take Charlie deep into the black underbelly of old London, where alchemy, witchcraft and blood-spells collide.

And in a city drowned in darkness, death could be the most powerful magic of all.

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‘Sharp, atmospheric and sumptuous.’
Simon Toyne
‘Witches sell potions, gamesters turn cards and alchemists conjure wonders.’
The Bookseller
‘Quinn is a brilliant new talent!’
Peter James